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Creative through COVID


The Conception of our Pop-up Open-Air Garage Studio for Portraits

It was time for a client to get their Headshots updated so they gave me a call. They specifically wanted a black background and an intense look of power, but that meant they would need the photography session to be indoors, right? 

Their office was closed to the general public and my contact had even been working out of her home for her safety as she was high-risk. So I thought to myself, well, I do not really feel safe with clients inside my in-home studio either for safety reasons, so what could we do? 

DING! An instant click. It was not Porch Photography that we needed. We needed coverage, accessibility, privacy, comfort and ventilation, and then I knew...we needed a Garage. And to be exact, I then created an Open-air Garage Studio for my Headshot clients to give them the ultimate branding experience in a clean and safe environment while implementing my COVID-19 Safety Policies and Protocols.

Steps I took to implement the Open-Air Garage Studio I created:

1. Space - Move the cars and give the garage a thorough cleaning.

2. Comfort - Place a couple of chairs out as corporate clients always have stuff (a change of outfit, shoes, purses, etc...) that you don't want in the shoot or lying on the floor. There was also a table with some sanitized bottles of water and business cards.

3. Beauty - Display a stable full-length mirror to make sure that your client is comfortable with their look and that they would not be worried about their appearance.

4. Equipment - Set-up all equipment including the black background and secure with bean-bags in case of wind

5. Safety Check - Implement a schedule for clients to follow so that only one individual is on-set at a time to get their Headshots taken, photograph with the garage door open for ventilation and implement COVID-19 Safety Policies and Protocols while photographing

So especially for those in need of Portraits and wanting a studio-background, don't feel like you are without options, as there are creative ways to get your needs met while still being safe, like in an Open-Air Garage Studio. 

I invite you to CONTACT ME if you are in need photography or if you want to discuss some creative ideas for how get your photography needs met in a new way you may not have previously thought of.